They say that organic reach on Facebook is dead…We say “they” are wrong.

One of the biggest opportunities in marketing on social media right now is Facebook Live. We know…A little over a year ago we launched our Facebook Live strategy.

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It just made sense. We are a live marketing conference, our name is DOYO Live…

This doesn’t mean that it’s not right for your business. Put it this way, if you are either considering a social media marketing strategy or have one already.

Facebook Live needs to be involved in that discussion.

Did you know that according to mediakix.com

Facebook Live Stream search popularity has risen over 330% since the rollout, Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than videos aren’t live anymore and the rate of engagement increases 10x.

DOYO Live increased our following, engagement, awareness and most importantly conversions a 1000% over the past 12-months.

We’ve gone live with a short format show, called The DOYO Live Marketing Show every Friday for the past year.

We also have our guest contributions for quick 5-minute marketing tips and how to’s called the DOYO Live Daily.

Think blog strategy 10-years ago. Leverage people that are recognized experts, have them and/or people from your own business contribute content.

Fast forward to 2017…It’s the same type of editorial calendar for your content marketing strategy, leveraging the world’s largest social media network.

There’s a reason why I get so excited about Facebook Live. It literally reminds me of the early days of marketing on Facebook.

WHY GO ALL IN ON FACEBOOK LIVE – FREE Webinar Live Q&A Reserve your spot today!

When people actually saw your content and engagement was FREE.

Do you also remember the day that you thought, hmmm…Not sure if this Facebook thing is going to take off.

Only to realize 5-years later you wish you would have built an audience?

During those early days, people didn’t really know what to post.

Usually, the argument against Facebook was that you didn’t want to know when people were brushing their teeth or eating for dinner.

Now, all we do is take pictures of our food at a restaurant and post on Instagram.

Facebook Live feels a lot like both…People are sure exactly whether or not they should have a Facebook Live strategy.

The second is what are they going to talk about on a Facebook Live.

The fact of the matter is this…There’s about an 18 – 24-month window to start to build the audience with Facebook Live, by being consistent and developing a brand around some form of a show or ongoing updates.

Mark my words, it’ll get noisy, it already is…Just look at 12-months ago the number of businesses in our local community was going live on Facebook consistently and now look at it today.

It’s such a long-term play but in 24-months you won’t find yourself saying, “really wish I would have built an audience for Facebook Live.”

Let’s face it, it’s not a great thing but just about everyone will have the ability to their own Kardashian and have a reality TV show.

WHY GO ALL IN ON FACEBOOK LIVE – FREE Webinar Live Q&A Reserve your spot today!

Which brings me to the second point, the creative. What to post?

Like the days of updating your status that you are brushing your teeth…So is Facebook Live.

We do a long format show were we interview business owners, marketing professionals, entrepreneur, employees, etc. we rotate this around to various businesses…

It’s all part of our content marketing strategy.

We get their audience, they get ours. Everyone wins the awareness game and the people that watch the show get tips on marketing and sales strategy, businesses advice and get inspired.

Over the past 12-months we’ve gone live a little over 150 times and here’s what it meant to our numbers:

  • 84,000 video minutes viewed
  • 186K video views
  • Followers doubled
  • Reach
  • Impressions

Overall a big win, not to mention most important statistic of all…We grew our conference by 100%…Which should be the end goal game for any marketing strategy, that contributes to your overall strategic business plan.

I’d like you to join us on December 21, 2017, at Noon-EDT. I’m going to show you exactly what you need to consider when developing a Facebook Live strategy. What we’ve learned over the past year and how you can replicate our efforts into your marketing today.

WHY GO ALL IN ON FACEBOOK LIVE – FREE Webinar Live Q&A Reserve your spot today!

This DOYO Live Webinar Series is sponsored by Integrated IT Group and Valley Digital Services.


Join DOYO Live Founder Dennis Schiraldi as he will share with you the step-by-step marketing process that DOYO Live implemented to increase engagement on Facebook 1000%.

DOYO Live has gone live over 150-times in past year.

Both featuring a long format show and a short daily feature as well.

In this webinar we will take a deep dive on: 

  • Why Facebook Live?
  • How to develop a Facebook Live strategy!
  • Got to have goals – Identifying and measuring success.
  • How to’s and best practices on the fundamentals of going live.
  • Creative – What are you going to say, who will be on, etc.
  • Creating awareness.
  • Lead generation aspect, generating business.
  • Re-purposing the content

Sponsored by Integrated IT Group & Valley Digital Services.



DOYO Live is a digital marketing + interactive design conference in Youngstown, Ohio. This event has attracted 500+ marketing, business, sales and design professionals. We are dedicated to ongoing professional development through our online efforts throughout the year, in-person workshops, public speaking and of course our annual conference. Which DOYO Live will take place on August 2, 2018, mark your calendars!!!