Women In Business Take Note – Deanna Fusillo Is Doing Great Things For Women Entrepreneurs

By: Dennis Schiraldi

A topic that I absolutely love is the one I got the chance to discuss today with DOYO Live workshop leader, women business leader, all around great person and a good friend. Deanna Fusillo, Owner of Sassy Girl Media and The Startup Circle and I, discussed a number of topics that we get pretty deep into on social media, women entrepreneurship, especially in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

Deanna and I met up at local restaurant, and another totally awesome local entrepreneur, Gordy’s Sandveech Market in Boardman, Ohio. If you don’t know Gordy’s get there today. She’s a sandwich architect. A freaking and I can’t stand the work, a sandwich guru. She’s the Dali Lama of sandwiches, OK you get the point. Which is here food is on point, seriously good stuff, plus she has a line of take-home cuisine, not talking take and bake, some totally awesome gourmet options.

We are talking seriously good eats. OK, so I’ve digressed into another area of passion, food. Getting back on track. Deanna talks about the differences between men and women in business, how women launching new ventures can take that from a hobby to an actual business and the psychology behind success.

It’s really powerful stuff and empowering all at the same time. If you are a WOMEN BUSINESS OWNER. Take note, this is my best pitch, at least in blog format. You will want to join Deanna’s Start-Up Circle. Where for a very nominal fee you can get 1×1 business coaching. So yes, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress are very easy platforms to create a website until you have to make one.

Sure we are all on Facebook, but the moment you create a page and have to post something, creative, and realize that no one, not one single person ever even considered hitting the like button. You are going to need some help. Deanna’s done it all. More importantly, if you are really serious about your business you will want to sign up for the workshop she’s going to be running at DOYO Live.

On August 2, 2017, we’ve introduced 2-hour deep dive workshops. This will give you an opportunity to sit and get deep with a workshop leader, including me on B2B lead generation, Nate Riggs on website optimization and conversion, more importantly staying on the female topic, Deanna. She’s going to focus on building the workshop around women entrepreneurs, what it will take to be successful, navigating the waters as a female in a male-dominated business world and so much more.

Deanna and I also dig into the differences between men wanting to kill and crush it in business, a topic I’ve scribed on a number of times and women look to nurture and grow. It’s part of the DNA, what’s awesome is it’s the Charles Barkley affect of using your position in the world to speak your mind, having an opinion taking a stance, which also is healthy. There’s a lot of things I am stoked about for DOYO in 2017. I think one of the coolest things it that we are one of the only marketing conferences in the country that will have a female keynote 80% of our contributors between speakers, committee, and contributors in social media, planning, etc. are all female, all on merit, super talented and rock stars in my opinion!!!

There are options, watch this video, on DOYO Live tickets. You can grab a workshop only, event only or all-inclusive. All are very good options when you start to consider that our keynote speaker, Debra Jasper has headlined some of the largest marketing conferences in the country, including PubCon. Which if you don’t know PubCon, it’s the longest standing digital marketing event in North America.

We have a number of breakout session leaders that are going to be presenting at DOYO that are also giving talks at some of the largest, most reputable conferences in the industry today. Such as Jeff Leo Herrmann, Jonathan Pogact, Sherron Washington, Jamie Jamison, Marisa Sergi, Mike Sevilla, Sean Dent, Megan N Mike Augustine, Brandon J. Kovach, Jim Komara from PALO Creative, Jeff Ryznar of 898 Marketing, Beth Hawks, Louis Lee, Bergen Giordani, the cookie genius behind One Hot Cookie and many others.

You can see our dynamic keynote, 15+ breakout sessions, workshops, networking and a really fun atmosphere Youngstown State UniversityWilliamson College of Business Administration on August 2 & 3, 2017.

In addition we have some awesome sponsors to network with including Valley Digital Services, R. Kashmiry and Associates, Inc., Love This Place, Inc, Eastwood Mall Complex and the Cafaro Company, NR Media Group, Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, Burgan Real Estate, City of YOUngstown, and a number of others on our website to check out!


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