Youngstown Digital Marketing Meetup – Let’s Get Creative

The Youngstown Digital Marketing Meetup in March is going to be epic. We’ve had two spirited Meetups and of course, we’ve talked about marketing activation. Topics like SEO, social media marketing, how to grow web traffic, coordinating digital and direct traditional effort, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram and more.

There has been a really good turnout and we are going to build off this momentum. In March we are calling all creatives and those of us that are creatively challenged, to bring another aspect of marketing in…That’s branding and design.

You are well aware of the cliche, that content is king or the saying that it is the gas that fuels the fire, whatever you call it. We live in a very noisy world and your content has got to be good, no better yet your content has got to be amazing.

In March, Mike Pontikos, founder of Sokitnop branding and design, a YSU Marketing Professor and creative director for DOYO Live, will lead a discussion a creative branding and design.

At this Youngstown Digital Marketing Meetup we will discuss:

• Creative process of branding and design

• Imagery

• Dressing up your content

• Video

• Logo design

• Web design

• User experience

Let’s have some fun, bring a logo or an example of your favorite advertisement. Mike will break it down and we will have some interesting discussion over a beverage or two!

This Youngstown Digital Marketing Meetup is being held at the Rust Belt Tap Room in the Erie Terminal developed by NYO Property Group. Our meetup is being sponsored by DOYO Live, digital marketing and interactive design conference, which means free drinks from 5-7PM are on DOYO!!!

Youngstown Digital Marketing Meetup on March 30, 2017, sponsored by DOYO Live at the Rust Belt Tap Room – Free Drinks 5-7PM!