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By: Dennis Schiraldi

The DOYO Live Marketing Show – In this quick espisode we talk about how your buisness can take advantadge of Small Business Saturday, with a local twist, a Facebook Live contest that’s not too late to get in on, and we introduce Baby Leo to the DOYO Live Nation.

3-Ways your business can take advantage of Small Business Saturday:

1. Connect with the Youngstown Flea, they are running a contest for local small businesses. Use the hashtag #shopsmallyo on social media. All social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You get the point. This will qualify you to win $1,000, provided by The Flea. Now, it’s also important that when you visit Youngstown Flea on the web to read over the contest rules, see who else is participating in the event. Connect with The Flea to see if there’s still time for you to get your name on their website or even get endorsed via social media. This is going to create additional awareness for your business.

2. Mine the Data – You don’t need to be a data scientist to figure our that #shopsmallyo, #shoplocal and #smallbusinesssaturday will be trending throughout the week and into the weekend. Which leads us to tip #2…That latter of the 2-hashtags are non-branded, which means there’s less locality to them. #shopsmallyo is very local and you have a much better chance with conversion and engagement. Head over to Instagram and Twitter. Type #shopsmallyou into the search. You will see top posts and also most recent. Engagement is key here…You can follow, like, share and comment on all these posts. The paper plane looking icon allows you to send a direct message. I like to send a note back to who took the pic and provide them with a genuine compliment. I’d also include a promo code. DOYO Live by the way is running a promo for Small Business Saturday. Use the promo code: SHOPSMALLYO and get 10% off super early bird registration. By using this strategy you will be able to use social media to connect with your local audience.

3. Old School – Get out a note care, either invite or thank you. Take a peek into your point of sale system. Identify your top 100 cusotmers and send them a hand written note. Thank them for being a customer and invite them out to your store for Small Business Saturday.

I think the other thing you need to consider is that if you are not a retail shop, which the Shop Local movement typically focuses around, get creative, like DOYO Live and find a way to create an offer to participate. Even if you can’t figure out the opportunity, it’s a great way to create awareness for your brand and help out other local businesses, when it’s your turn you will WIN!!!!

In this episode we are also giving away a FREE turducken from Catullo Prime Meats, this is totally awesome. All you need to do is share this post, we will be annoucing the winner on our pre-Thanksgiving DOYO Live POP Up Marketing Show on Wednesday November 22, 2017.

Share this post today and you are qualified to win a $40 turducken!!!

Last but not least and certainly first. Many of you that know me, know how much my kids all mean to me…It’s mission critical to myself and the DOYO Live brand. I’ve said this over and over again, I’m building a legacy business, something my kids can be proud of that I did in the City of Youngstown. There’s no more important job that I have than being a Dad and teaching my kids to hustle. They are an important part of DOYO Live, they live it everyday, they stuff swag bags which might explain some of the items in your bag and they set up and tear down.

As many of you also know 9-months ago my wife, also our event coordinator sat down on a FB Live to announce that we were having our 4th child. Well that day has come and our little man arrived last week. Ladies and gents, I’d like to introduce to you a little one that’s making his DOYO Live Marketing Show debut, Leo Fernando Schiraldi.

Be sure to Join us on November 22, 2017 where Mandy Forlina makes an appearance on the DOYO Live Marketing Show, she’s got some big news to announce. Which when we are with Mandy we are going to discuss sales, social selling and some other fun stuff. We also have Andrea DiPaolo stopping by for a big announcement that you will not want to miss.

We will be live from the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber offices. In the meanwhile pick up a ticket to DOYO Live 2018, super early bird tickets are on sale for $100, that offer expires on December 31, 2017. Use the promo code: SHOPSMALLYO for an additional 10% off.


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